Teacher Level T5


Language Proficiency: Degree in the language, or: A C2 examination certificate (eg CPE).

Language Awareness: Give correct examples of usage on all occasions. Answer language queries reliably.

Language Teacher Qualifications: Degree or degree module in teaching the target language, or: Internationally recognised (min. 100 hour) certificate in teaching the target language.

Language Teaching Practice: A minimum of 12 hours of documented, assessed teaching practice. Has been observed & had feedback on at least 8 hours of teaching.

Teaching Experience: A minimum of 2,400 hours, documented teaching experience. Taught all levels except C2, examination or specialised classes.

Methodology: knowledge and skills: Good familiarity with teaching approaches, learning styles, strategies. Provide theoretical rationale for teaching approach and for a very wide range of techniques / materials. Evaluate materials effectively from practical and theoretical perspectives.

Lesson and Course Planning: Plan a balanced, varied scheme of work for a module based on detailed needs analysis. Design tasks to exploit linguistic and communicative potential of materials. Design multi-level tasks to meet individual needs and lesson objectives.

Interaction Management and Monitoring: Set up group interaction focused on multiple learning objectives. Monitor individual and group performances accurately and thoroughly. Give various forms of relevant individual feedback.

Assessment: Coordinate placement testing and progress assessment (oral & written). Use video & hw codes to help learners recognise strengths / weaknesses. Use CEFR criteria reliably to assess spoken and written proficiency.

Teacher Development: Act as mentor to less experienced colleagues. Lead a training session or even series of sessions given materials to use and distance support from a colleague. Seek opportunities for peerobservation.

Digital Media: Use PowerPoint for presentations, including animation. Train students to select and use CALL exercises effectively. Use authoring program to create CALL. Troubleshoot with basic equipment (e.g. data projector, printer).