Teacher Level T4


Language Proficiency: A C1 examination certificate (eg CAE); oral competence at C2 level.

Language Awareness: Give correct models of usage on most occasions. Answer language queries adequately though not always comprehensively, using reference sources as necessary.

Language Teacher Qualifications: Degree in the target language, or: Internationally recognised (min. 100 hour) certificate in teaching the target language.

Language Teaching Practice: A minimum of 6 hours of documented, assessed teaching practice. Has been observed & had feedback on at least 5 hrs of real teaching.

Teaching Experience: A minimum of 800 hours, documented teaching experience. Taught all levels except C1 & C2.

Methodology: knowledge and skills: Familiarity with learning theory, learning styles and learning strategies. Identify the theoretical rationale behind a wide range of techniques and materials, with which familiar. Evaluate appropriateness of techniques and materials in different teaching situations.

Lesson and Course Planning: Analyse individual learners’ needs in detail, including learning-to-learn. Plan clear main and supplementary objectives for lessons. Provide a rationale for lesson stages. Select/design supplementary activities. Ensure lesson-to-lesson coherence.

Interaction Management and Monitoring: Set up a varied and balanced sequence of class, group and pair work appropriate to the lesson objectives. Monitor individual and group work effectively providing or eliciting appropriate feedback.

Assessment: Conduct tests and interviews if given material to do so. Train learners to code their errors to increase language awareness. Design or select appropriate quizzes, revision activities, and progress tests. CEFR standardisation experience.

Teacher Development: Develop awareness and competence through professional reading. Lead discussions sometimes and exchange ideas about materials and techniques. Seek opportunities to be observed and receive feedback on own teaching.

Digital Media: Create lessons with downloaded texts, pictures, graphics, etc. Devise tasks using internet-based media such as wikis, blogs, webquests. Set & supervise individual CALL work. Coordinate project work with media (camcorder, internet downloads etc).