Teacher Level T3


Language Proficiency: A B2 certificate in the language; oral competence at C1 level.

Language Awareness: Give correct models of usage on most occasions. Answer most language queries satisfactorily at A1-B1, using reference sources as necessary.

Language Teacher Qualifications: A minimum of 60 hours of documented, structured training in teaching the target language.

Language Teaching Practice: A minimum of 2 hours of documented, assessed teaching practice. Has been observed & had feedback on some actual teaching.

Teaching Experience: A minimum of 200 hours, documented teaching experience. Taught a range of levels up to B1.

Methodology: knowledge and skills: Familiarity with theories of language learning and with learning styles. Familiarity with an expanding range of techniques and materials. Choose which to apply based on the needs of a particular group. Evaluate usefulness of techniques and materials in teaching context.

Lesson and Course Planning: Use a syllabus and specified materials to prepare lesson plans that are well-balanced and meet the needs of the group;. Adjust these plans as required. Take account of lesson outcomes in planning next lesson.

Interaction Management and Monitoring: Set up pairs and groups efficiently. Ensure all learners are involved in productive pair and group work. Monitor performance at all times. Bring the class back together and manage feedback.

Assessment: Select suitable progress tests and set up and supervise them. Use the results and simple oral and written tasks to assess learners’ progress and things to work on. Use a homework marking code to increase language awareness.

Teacher Development: Take an active part in various kindsof in-service training/development. Actively seek advice from colleagues and relevant books. Observe colleagues at various levels. Act on colleagues’ feedback on serial observations of own teaching.

Digital Media: Use data projectors for class lessons with internet, DVD etc. Use software for handling images, DVDs, sound files. Use a camcorder to record tasks. Set a class an exercise with CALL materials.