Teacher Level T2


Language Proficiency: Studying the language at tertiary level. B2 proficiency.

Language Awareness: Answer queries related to high frequency structures.

Language Teacher Qualifications: A minimum of 30 hours documented, structured training in language awareness and methodology of teaching the target language.

Language Teaching Practice: Experience of supervision and assessment while teaching phases of lessons.

Teaching Experience: Own class(es) but limited experience which only includes teaching at lower levels.

Methodology: knowledge and skills: Basic understanding of learning theories and features of language. Familiarity with techniques and materials for 2+ levels. Select new techniques & materials with advice from colleagues.

Lesson and Course Planning: Use published or in-house materials to develop plans for different types of lessons. Plan phases and timing of various lesson types.

Interaction Management and Monitoring: Manage teacher-class interaction effectively. Give clear instructions for pair and group work. Monitor the resulting activity. Give clear feedback.

Assessment: Supervise and mark tests. Write a class quiz or revision activity to revise recent work.

Teacher Development: Take an active part in group work during training. Liaise well with other teachers. Observe & team-teach with teachers at restricted levels. Act on observation feedback.

Digital Media: Search effectively for material on the internet. Select and download from resource sites. Organize materials in hierarchically structured folders.