Teacher Level T1


Language Proficiency: Studying the language at tertiary level. B1 proficiency.

Language Awareness: Answer simple queries with the help of reference works.

Language Teacher Qualifications: Taking a certificate in teaching the target language. or: Following an internal training course.

Language Teaching Practice: Experience of team teaching, or: Of acting as a teacher’s assistant.

Teaching Experience: Taught some lessons, or: Parts of lessons at one or two levels.

Methodology: knowledge and skills: Sensitisation to learning theories and features of language. Familiarity with a limited range of techniques and materials for one or two levels.

Lesson and Course Planning: Work with lesson plans in teachers’ notes to published materials.

Interaction Management and Monitoring: Alternate between whole class teaching and pair practice following suggestions in a teachers’ guide.

Assessment: Supervise and mark class quizzes and progress tests

Teacher Development: Take part in training sessions. Cooperate with colleagues with set tasks. Regularly observe real teaching.

Digital Media: Write a worksheet following conventions. Follow menus to operate software. Download from resource sites.